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Don Ingle dingle at nomadinter.net
Wed Sep 3 10:41:31 PDT 2008

Bill Haesler wrote:
> Dan Augustine asked [in part]:
>>   Mr. Calder, Mr. Haesler, and many others, what do you think? What 
>> do you aim for?  What is your audience (as you perceive it)? How much 
>> do you feel you should tone down your pronouncements?
> Dear Dan,
> I rarely write reviews and have never ever claimed to be a 'jazz critic'.
> Probably for the very reasons your questions will raise.
> However, I have been a jazz record collector/discographer, researcher 
> and writer/historian since about 1949.
> I am also a seasoned jazz LP and CD album note writer, and occasional 
> producer, for numerous record companies from the late 1950s.
> Sorry, but I wouldn't even dare to buy into this one.
> 8>)
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
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Aha! You have given away your age...I know since you said once that you 
were a bit younger than me (currently 77) and I graduated from High 
School  in Feb. of '49. Which means you were a writer/historian/ etc 
already by your teens. No wonder your vast knowledge of the genre.
While I also spent time listneing and learning, I will admit that I also 
chased girls more than I should have to acquire as much, so thanks for 
being our constant source of many answers to many jazz record questions.
A side note -- I chased one gal in Northern Michigan until She caught 
me. 54 years of blissful captivity come November.
However, I do know the answer to one often asked question. "NO - it 
doesn't sound like Bix!"
Regards, my good Ozian mate,
Don Ingle

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