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Another true story about My friend Gary Dammer who is a fine trumpet player 
and big band leader here in St. Louis.

For years Gary had an allergic skin condition on his hands and he wore tight 
fitting leather gloves when he played gigs.  One night after a big band gig 
a little blue haired lady walked up to Bill Archer, the lead alto player and 
asked,  why is that man wearing gloves?  Bill, without missing a beat, 
solemnly said, that's because he has no hands.

St. L
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> Too good of a story not to share!
> Thanks Don Jones for this one!
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> Dan Barrett lives in California now, but when he was around New York he 
> occasionally played at the Cornerstone, in Metuchen, NJ. One night there, 
> a guy cornered him between sets, bought him a drink, and said, "I've been 
> watching you for two sets now, and I think I've got it figured out. I'm a 
> good observer. You change all the notes with just your lip, right?" Dan 
> said, "Not exactly," and began to explain the overtone system to him. But 
> the guy wasn't interested. "You change all the notes with your lips, and 
> this thing." He made the trombone slide in-and-out motion. "The slide," 
> said Dan. "Yeah, the slide. That's just there for show. You move it back 
> and forth so everybody has something to look at, and when you want to get 
> the audience all revved up, you move it back and forth real fast." With a 
> straight face, Dan asked, "You figured all that out after just two sets?" 
> The guy said, "I told you, I'm observant." Dan leaned toward him 
> conspiratorially. "Look, the other folks here are not nearly as observant 
> as you, and they're still mystified by the whole thing. I'll ask you to 
> keep it a secret, so you don't blow the magic for the others, okay?" The 
> man smiled wisely and shook Dan's hand. "Don't worry, your secret's safe 
> with me." Dan returned to the bandstand and made sure to move his slide 
> back and forth real fast on the next set.
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