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Hey, JudE, the bands with which you sing, play the music which I and many
others like. It doesn't matter what others think of what you're doing or the


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Mart wants us to discuss our various playing styles.

We'd have to do it country by country .... believe me and even then we 
wouldn't all agree :-)

I was discussing styles with an American man at Keswick (UK) festival this 
year; on
the face of it we had no likes in common.  Then we got down to likes and
dislikes of specific US  bands and we were in almost total agreement!

So for what it's worth, apart from local small group stuff for weddings,
golf clubs etc.  I sing with 3 very different bands:  Big Bear Stompers,
which I think is the only band now playing in the UK whose inspiration came
from Lu Watters and Turk Murphy;  Harlem an 11 piece orchestra playing 20s
and 30s Swing (well that's what WE call it) and Kaminsky Connection which in
the  UK would be described as "Condon" or "Chicago" style.

I await multi-mailings telling me I'm wrong:-)


Judy Eames
Kaminsky Connection
Aston, Oxfordshire

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