[Dixielandjazz] the "trio" in Ragtime?

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     The 'trio' section of a ragtime piece may refer to the "song and 
trio" form that many marches and other musical compositions use.  The 
"second strain" of a march is frequently in a key with one more flat 
than the first strain, and in fact is even labeled 'Trio' sometimes. 
Many ragtime pieces are based on the form commonly used in marches.
     The "song and trio" term is based on the classical ternary form 
of A - B - A, where the B section was often played by a trio of 
instruments, from Lully's practice of having two oboes and a bassoon 
play the second of two dances.
     But but but, you say, a march has only two parts, not three. 
Well, i say, the original practice for marches was to repeat the 
opening strain after playing the trio.  In fact, you can hear Sousa 
and his band (as was as other bands) do this in early recordings of 
marches: they do a D.C. and play the first strain again.
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>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] the "trio" in Ragtime ?
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>Dear Listmates,
>I'm reading Rudi Blesh's tremendous THEY ALL PLAYED RAGTIME
>and what a great book, whew.   Who was his co-author Harriet  Janis?
>I've got Terry Waldo's book, as well as a couple by Edward Berlin, and  the
>Schafer & Riedel,  and Jasen & Tichenor books,
>to go through next.
>BUT,  my question to you is:  what is meant when  they refer to the "trio"
>section of a ragtime composition?
>Mark Weber
>Thursday (Noon) jazz show
>KUNM Albuquerque

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