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It seems that you've found the smallest possible orchestra. Sidney Bechet's
One Man Band doesn't qualify inasmuch as there was only a single

I wish I had a prize to award you ;-).

Stan Brager

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How about "Dick Wellstood and His Famous Orchestra Featuring Kenny Davern?"
In fact, it's a duo.

On 07/07/2008, Stan Brager <sbrager at socal.rr.com> wrote:
> Ken;
> Having seen records on which a trio of instrumentalists were described as
> orchestra, I googled for the definition and found:
> Orchestra:
>    In modern times, this is the term which signifies a wide variety of
> instrumental ensembles.
> This was taken from http://tinyurl.com/64zrgr which says that this
> definition comes from the "The New Grove Dictionary of Music and
> published in 1980.
> Need we say more?
> Stan
> Stan Brager
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> Hi All,
> The current "Hot Dance Music" bun-fight kind of underlines the
> of definitions. Was it Duke or Louis who offered this as a definition of
> Jazz? "It's just another way of playing music." On the face of it not a
> helpful definition, but in retrospect as good as any. Also, how is
> "orchestra" defined? I was taken to task for calling my band the Classic
> Jazz Orchestra when there are only eight of us, on the basis that bookers
> and the public would expect no less than seventeen, and maybe more,
> The only definition of orchestra that makes sense to me "is a group of
> musicians who play from orchestrations," but if the solos are improvised,
> what should it be called? Oh sh*t, does that mean I've got a Hot Dance
> Regards,
> Ken Mathieson
> www.classicjazzorchestra.org.uk
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