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Hello Katie,
I've opened your You Tube link - wow!  Haven't yet heard everything,
but I shall - too good to miss!

On 24/06/2008, Kathleen Cavera <kcavera at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hi Everyone -
> I just got back from Indiana.  I was in the Midwest
> for a week visiting my family and then playing at the
> Elkhart Jazz Festival this past weekend. ( I was there
> with the Mighty Aphrodite Jazz Band.)  When I was
> growing up in Indiana I had a hard time finding live
> traditional jazz and I can't tell you how happy I am
> that they have such a well run little festival there
> every summer.  They do a very nice job of bringing in
> a mix of different groups and all-stars, and different
> styles of jazz.  And the largest stage/venue is an
> open air venue in the middle of downtown which is free
> to the public.  The only thing I didn't really see was
> a venue with a dance floor (which didn't seem to deter
> people that really wanted to dance).  Anyway I had a
> great time and if we have listmates in the Midwest who
> haven't been to it yet I hope you'll give it a try.  I
> know the ticket prices are a little steep compared to
> other festivals but I think you get a lot of value for
> your money and you can always check out the free venue
> and/or get a day badge if you'd like to give it a
> look.
> Also since I've been email free for a week I'm
> catching up on my mailing list and I wanted chime in
> about the Jazzticots and Reedwarmers.  I had the
> pleasure of meeting and playing with Stéphane Gillot
> and Aurélie Tropez while I was in Paris.  The are the
> front people in the Reedwarmers which is a Jimmie Noon
> style band. Stéphane does all the arrangements and
> Aurélie plays all the Jimmie Noon stuff.  They do a
> really great job of it and you can hear them on their
> website and YouTube and they've done a couple CDs for
> Stomp Off.
> The Jazzticots is a family band of sorts.  Aurélie's
> dad plays tuba in the band, and her younger sister
> Deborah is the percussionist.  (They also have two
> younger sisters (twins) that haven't started playing
> anything yet but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw
> them in the band in the future!) Unfortunately I
> didn't get a chance to play with Deborah but I did
> meet her as well.  And she explained the band name to
> me which I was curious about.  "Asticot" means 'worm'
> in French and so "Jazzticot" is a play on words.  (I
> asked her if they played 'Snake Rag'...)  Anyway they
> don't have a website but they have some very nice
> videos on YouTube including one where Deborah really
> tears up the washboard.  If I get back to Paris I hope
> I have a chance to play with her as well as Stéphane
> and Aurélie again.  I really wish there were some sort
> of musicians exchange program so we could bring people
> like this to the states to play.  I know they'd go
> over well and it would be a great musical/cultural
> exchange as well.  I also know that sometimes it's
> hard enough to get the Canadians across the border to
> play with us so I can't even imagine how much red tape
> would be involved in getting the French musicians over
> here.  Maybe Gary Kaiser can enlighten me!
> - Katie Cavera
> http://www.katiecavera.net/
> http://www.youtube.com/kcavera
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