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Fri Jul 4 14:21:34 PDT 2008

Right, Chris.
However, I have never seen Henderson being referred to as a "hot
dance" orchestra - always as a jazz orchestra.

On 03/07/2008, jazzchops at isp.com <jazzchops at isp.com> wrote:
> Steve, I'm not really interested in how the term is used for popular music
> today, nor am I interested in Carmen Electra or Brittany Spears. How
> ridiculous to bring that into this discussion, which has NOTHING to do
> with my post.
> Way before Brittany and Carmen, the term was used, as I mentioned in my
> previous post, to refer to music from the 1920s and 1930s that had jazz
> solos. It's been used in that manner for decades. I have record albums
> from the 1970s referring to the music using that term. Such titles as
> "Rare Hot Dance Bands," "Dime Store Hot Dance," "Hot Dance Bands of the
> 1920s," etc.
> No matter what you write, the music of the ODJB, King Oliver, was not
> referred to at the time as "hot dance." It was either referred to as jazz
> or as race music.
> I did a little search on the Internet, just to make sure I'm not losing my
> mind, and there are other people that use this term. Here's some quotes:
> >From the Pasadena Roof Orchestra's website: "For over thirty years the
> Pasadena Roof Orchestra, based in the UK, has delighted audiences all over
> the world with its mix of swing and hot dance music."
> Here's a website worth checking out: http://www.2multiples.com/hotdance/
> Here's a quote from writer Scott Yanow regarding a CD by Isham Jones:
> "Isham Jones, best-known as an important songwriter, led a series of
> interesting bands during the 1920's and 30's. His 1929-31 edition
> essentially played hot dance music..."
> >From the SFLindyHop website: "The ten piece Royal Society Jazz Orchestra
> plays authentic hot and sweet dance music of the 1920s and '30s..."
> You wrote, "So the point I try and make is that those words, or "trad
> jazz" or "hot dance" or whatever, are really meaningless." If there so
> meaningless, why are they being used? They're being used to describe
> different styles of music. They are just a useful as categories like New
> Orleans jazz, Chicago jazz, etc. Seems to me if those terms are
> meaningless, than the term dixieland must be, too.
> Steve, you contribute a great amount of interesting and useful information
> to the DJML. But I really don't understand what the point of your latest
> post was. Was it to put me down, or show us how clever you are? I wrote
> what I considered to be a thoughtful, intelligent explanation of the term
> "hot dance music," What did you do? Did you contribute something useful?
> Regards,
> Chris Tyle
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