[Dixielandjazz] FW: Another Review

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Thu Jul 3 10:50:32 PDT 2008

The reviewer wrote:
"Squeaks, buzzes and the odd identifiable note turned out to be the
beginning of his first solo of the night."

I doubt if anyone on DJML has ever had THAT written about them!  :>  I'm
afraid that the reviewer wrote "the bottom line", and that says it all. And,
if that is not enough, our own lister, Hal, said it nicely:  "The real
question may not be if the people come but whether they go away shaking
their heads, never to try OKOM again."

>They both draw audiences. The rest of us, for the most part, do not. That's
the bottom line and anything else is conjecture. (IMO) Cheers, Steve Barbone

I'm glad you added "for the most part", Steve.  We certainly draw crowds,
and there are no movie stars amongst us...only musicians who have spent
their life on their instruments.
Here's an excerpt from a newspaper review of one of our concerts.  I think
it is nicer than the one above!

"With its years of experience, La Canal perfectly transmits its music
collaborating its image as the longest continuously performing band in
Spain. Simply, the band exhibits dignity and excellent musicianship."
(Sounds even better in its original Spanish form!)


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