[Dixielandjazz] Woody Allen

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Tue Jul 1 21:42:01 PDT 2008

Re Woody Allen
Oh how I love that man's playing and his whole band is great.  I saw  him in 
Napa and hope he comes back again soon.  I would go in a  minute.  I have his 
CD of Wild Man Blues and for some reason the song I  especially like is Last 
Night on the Back Porch.  I think Eddie Davis does  all the vocals.  Woody was 
interesting to watch in Napa as he just walks  in, sits down, and starts 
playing, legs crossed, and that's it.  Eddie  makes up for Woody being somber with 
his own form of pleasantness.   Woody carries two clarinets, I guess the other 
one is for backup in case the  first one crashes.  You never know with those 
devilish horns what may  happen or when it may happen.  You gotta hope for the 
best.  My reason  for going was twofold.  I wanted to see him in person after 
all his movies,  and I wanted to hear him play the clarinet.  What talent.
Carol, Clarinet

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