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Mon Nov 26 17:49:52 PST 2007

the John Cage piece was actually for solo piano.  Yes, there is a print version of it.

It's called "4' 33" "  as in Four Minutes Thirty Three Seconds.  There are specific instructions in the "music" for when the person at the piano should lower, then raise, the keyboard lid, monitored with a stopwatch.  That designates the movements.  

This link goes to a Wikipedia article  http://tinyurl.com/2uunqp

It's interesting to read about it, some 20 years after I last saw the music.  Apparently the title 4' 33" was because that was the length chosen by Cage for the premier, after consulting the I Ching.

There was an orchestral version recorded by the BBC, which I didn't know about.  Frank Zappa also recorded it.  The Wikipedia article says the jukebox single is probably an urban legend, and that makes sense, since 45s have a limit of about 3 minutes. (Although, apparently the piece can be any length of time chosen, so just maybe...)

Frankly, that's more interesting music than a lot of stuff I've heard.

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