[Dixielandjazz] Rosolino discussion

Mike C. mike at railroadstjazzwest.com
Thu Nov 22 12:49:50 PST 2007

Hi Hal,

Some people are very limited on their perspective of things.


Some people are ver limi

Hal Vickery wrote:
> Very up or very down.  That's the classic pattern of someone suffering from
> bipolar disorder, a serious mental illness.  
> Referring back to some other comments in this thread about one's music being
> a reflection of what is in one's heart:  My experience with mental illness
> is different, schizophrenia rather than bipolar disorder, but I can say
> this.  What the person I know does when going through a schizophrenic
> disorder is in no way a reflection of what that person "really" is because
> the person is ILL.
> Sounds to me as if Rosolino was ILL.  It's sad, but he did give a warning
> sign (saying that his kids would be better off dead after their mother
> committed suicide), and sadly no one picked up on it.  But it's now pretty
> obvious that Rosolino was a sick man.  I don't see how one can judge his
> music based on that.
> Hal Vickery

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