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Very up or very down.  That's the classic pattern of someone suffering from
bipolar disorder, a serious mental illness.  

Referring back to some other comments in this thread about one's music being
a reflection of what is in one's heart:  My experience with mental illness
is different, schizophrenia rather than bipolar disorder, but I can say
this.  What the person I know does when going through a schizophrenic
disorder is in no way a reflection of what that person "really" is because
the person is ILL.

Sounds to me as if Rosolino was ILL.  It's sad, but he did give a warning
sign (saying that his kids would be better off dead after their mother
committed suicide), and sadly no one picked up on it.  But it's now pretty
obvious that Rosolino was a sick man.  I don't see how one can judge his
music based on that.

Hal Vickery

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Just got off the phone with Uan Rasey. He says that Rosolino was either
up or very depressed. There weren't enough jazz gigs for Frank to make a  
comfortable living. Also he had been mostly left out of the studio
scene of movie soundtracks and legitimate music. The only prospects  for
income was some uncertain jazz playing prospects in other countries. A  few
before the tragedy Frank's girlfriend left him and his kids, taking  his
car with her, never to return. He was very depressed, and poured out  his 
guts as Rasey drove him around so he could take care of some personal
Apparently nobody was surprised Rosolino went berserk. Tough to  imagine 
someone as talented as he was being a failure!
Tom Loeb
Riverside, CA

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