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On Frank  Sinatra's "I've Got You Under My Skin", which is IMO, one of 
the best  arrangements of anything Sinatra has done, Nelson Riddle I 
guess, there's  a wild trombone solo.  I heard somewhere this was Frank  
Rossolino.  Does anybody know?

Don Robertson
Napa,  CA
According to another player at that session: it was Milt Berhart. Nelson  
Riddle did the arrangements and also conducted. Riddle usually did not use  
Bernhart, but Sinatra had requested him for the session. There were a  limited 
number of mics in those days. The band was so powerful, Milt's solo  couldn't be 
heard well enough until they found an apple crate for him to  stand on. Milt 
said the hardest part of the recording was balancing himself on  the crate. 
Sinatra said it was the finest arrangement in his book. 
Tom Loeb
Riverside, CA

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