[Dixielandjazz] Frank Rossolino

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Nov 18 04:46:46 PST 2007

>There isn't anything that Frank Rossolino has to say on the trombone that I
care to hear.
Dave Gannett

Well, I was able to listen to him before all that happened, and there was no
denying his great horn playing.  When I did hear of the tragedy, it just
didn't fit in with his music or his persona...at least his stage persona.
Have to go along with those that say he must have snapped.

But, the music is still there.  I found a back door at a club in Seal Beach,
California by which I could park my car (I was 16) & sit with the window
down & see him on stage.  I was too young to go in.  I later saw him at
Shelley's Manne Hole (Shelley's Los Angeles night club) in person, and have
gobs of his records.  Used to enjoy him, along with the Condolee brothers,
et al, on the Steve Allen late night talk show.  They were all in the band,
and were an intimate part of the talk show.  All the top LA session
musicians were in that band, the same ones that did the music for that tv
crime show...what was it?...Kelly's Blues?  I believe that was the first tv
show to feature jazz as background to the action.  


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