[Dixielandjazz] Conversion to .wav files.

AL LEVY jazz_man at ix.netcom.com
Sat Nov 17 06:46:00 PST 2007

2c worth
I've used Easy Cd and Nero
No conversions are needed.
a) First make sure you are using the "audio" not "data"
b) Either record to or save to hard drive will copy "real"
    cd tracks to hard drive .wav files.
c) Other direction - Record to a "blank cd" from hard
    drive will record .wav to .cda - just like the original.
If you select "data" (see (a) above) then the cd will NOT
play on a non-computer cd player.
Mp3, Mp4 - I don't use.
My web site has a bunch of .rm (Windows Real Media)
files. They are very much smaller than Mp3.
I use Sound Forge to convert WAV to RM.

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