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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 11 20:32:50 PST 2007

A big,  You are welcome,  to all who wrote me privately and/or on the DJML
about posting that website. Keep checking it because they will be adding to
it in future. 

One cut I especially enjoyed was the Benny Goodman/Svend Asmussen take on
"After You've Gone". It is a fine example of what sort of magic can occur on
stage, live, when a guest (Asmussen) sits in without prior musical planning.
I especially liked the: Svend: "Not too fast" . . . Benny: "OK, you start".
For me this performance speaks to the very essence of jazz.

I adore Asmussen who I guess is the last of the great jazz violinists of a
bygone era. Grapelli, Venuti, et al. He must be 92, or so, by now and is
also videoed on Jonathan Russell's website where he played with the kid in
Florida earlier this year. (or was it late last year?) Also unrehearsed.
Sound quality is not as good, but it is a real treat to see an OKOM violin
master play with a young, budding OKOM violin master-to-be. (They were
brought together in Florida by Dick Hyman)

"Exquisimento" . . . the sublime experience of real jazz.

Steve Barbone

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