[Dixielandjazz] CD catalog databases available

dwlit at cpcug.org dwlit at cpcug.org
Sun Nov 11 07:44:44 PST 2007

I renew my offer to eMail folks my CD catalog databases.

I buy most reissues of OKOM 78s by the leading labels--Frog, Jazz Oracle,
Timeless, Mosaic, etc.--and some of the current "recreation" bands' CDs.
So while this is my personal collection, there are 2000 plus CDs...

If you're thinking about cataloging a burgeoning collection, or are
starting to build a basic collection, or just want information about the
classics, my catalogs are extensive enough to be helpful. They're all in
standard .dbf format.

Catalog files: Albums, Twenties tracks, 30s-40s jazz tracks, 30s-40s
non-jazz tracks, Revival (modern bands) tracks. The tracks catalogs
include personnel and session dates. Each Album has a unique library
number which is in the tracks catalogs for that album.


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