[Dixielandjazz] Question About Unions

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The union in Shreveport at one time was powerful - Pappy Hogan pistol
whipped any club owner not using union bands or screwing union bands. When i
joined Local 116 in 1972, our monthly newsletter required about 2 pages just
to list the union bands playing, mostly on the "Bossier Strip". Now I could
count the live bands on the strip on one hand, and probably have fingers
left over.

Also, you were required to be union to play in the Symphony, it was a
"closed shop". Now the Union helps negotiate the Symphony contract, but,
ironically, you don't HAVE to be union to play in the Symphony and reap the
benefits of their work.

Ah, those were the days!!!!

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> The recent thread has brought another union question to my mind.
> Why are unions so powerful in the northeast and in other places
> but not really in other states? I know that I'd like to see a
> stronger musician's union presence here just like the grocery,
> service employees and bus drivers have. As of right now, the
> only union shops are the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, The
> broadway plays at the Buell Theatre, the Denver Municipal Band
> and a few others.
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