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Kay, thanks for the info.  I was unclear about the boycott thing as this was 
back in the 70s and I was busy working 7-nights a week, cocktail hours, 
lunch times, in 4 or 5 different clubs supporting a wife, 3 children and 2 

About that time is when we lost the support of other unions in town 
Sacramento.  The union had no clout at all.  The beer drivers, culinary 
workers, bartenders, waitresses, everyone would cross our picket line.

Then about that time the young Rock bands started coming in playing for 
virtually nothing.

It was a sad thing.  I always worked for over scale so it wasn't that bad 
for me.  But it hurt the working musicians in the long run.

Well, this is a little off topic so won't continue it here on the List.

--Bob Ringwald

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> Bob,
>  Actually a seconday boycott is more like what the UFW attempted to do 
> with Gallo a few decades ago.... boycott grocery stores and restaurants 
> that stocked Gallo products.  It is illegal to promote a boycott against a 
> business that does not directly deal with your union.
>  As to crossing picket lines, it very common for unions to respect other 
> unions picket lines.  I actually was assigned to do a one day payroll 
> audit of a cannery in the Calif Central Valley in the '70's.  When I 
> showed up, there was a cannery workers strike that had just started that 
> day.  Not even thinking about it, I crossed the line, went to the office 
> and set about my business.  In the early afternoon a question came up that 
> could only be resolved by a striking employee.  Somehow they smuggled the 
> employee needed in through a back gate to answer my questions.  I finished 
> the audit, went back to my office, and discovered it was against MY 
> company's policy, even though we were non-union, to cross ANY picket line. 
> I didn't get in trouble because the client was happy and there was no 
> adverse publicity.
>  As to whether one union respects another union's strike or picket lines, 
> it is pretty much  political and/or how much the respective unions are in 
> competition with one another for the employers' payroll dollars.
>  Kay in Gilroy
> The last time I heard, it was illegal for other unions to honor the
> musician's
> picket line. It was called a secondary boycott, or something such as that.
> It has been quite a while so I can't remember the details.
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