[Dixielandjazz] Louis Prima Shuffle & Drummers

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
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There was a drummer named Smoky Stover but never heard of him playing with 
Prima.  I know he played with Turk Murphy and the Firehouse 5, just to name 
a few.

Of course there was also a tpt player named Smoky Stover.  Both are gone 

--Bob ringwald

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> When I was on the road in the early '70s, I remember reedman Glenn Blair
> telling me about the Louis Prima shuffle, calling it the "_______ 
> Shuffle".
> He named it after a drummer, and the drummer was not Jimmy Vincent, and I
> don't think it was Irv Kluger (although I could be wrong).
> I believe the drummer was somebody Stover . . . maybe the Stover  shuffle?
> Could someone help me with this thing that's been bugging me for several
> years now. I never though to ask Bobby Roberts when I played with him.
> Who am I thinking of . . . and who drummer that defined the Prima 
> shuffle?
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill
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