[Dixielandjazz] Live recording vs. studio

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Nov 2 16:33:39 PDT 2007

Rob Wright wrote [in part]:
> It seems to me that comparing live performance recordings to studio
> recordings is apples to oranges.  There are so many logistical sound
> problems with live recordings that it is next to impossible to get 
> studio
> quality.  Because of that I almost always prefer a studio production.

Dear Rob,
I wholeheartedly agree. "Horses for courses", as we say here in Oz.
However there are exceptions.
One of my favourite 'live' concert performances on record is the 1956 
'Wilber DeParis at Symphony Hall' LP (Atlantic SD 1253 [my copy on 
English London LTZ-K15086], reissued on Collectables CD-6600).
The one with the cover photograph of Wilber sitting on the Hall steps 
with his French poodle.
A stirring performance, and the audience with them all the way.
You may recall it. "Wrought Iron Rag", "Juba Dance", "Majorca", "Toll 
Gate Blues", etc.
On  the LP and "Wrought Iron Rag" Sidney DeParis plays an electrifying 
trumpet solo at the end of which Wilber emerges, from under the 
thunderous applause, with a great trombone lead-in to a fine solo.
Back in the 90s, I found a 1991 French CD reissue (Atlantic 'Remasters' 
series 7567-82268) of this LP at a bin sale.
Unfortunately the digitally remastered CD appears to be from the 
pre-edited concert tape.
A 'warts and all' edition, where the trombone lead-in mentioned is not 
so dramatic and the inclusion of an Omer Simeon fluff in his solo 
introduction to "Piano Blues", which is not on the LP.
What disappointment I felt at the time, as I had always believed the 
band to be in terrific form at 'The Hall' that night.
And, in a way, it was. So, the kudos must go to Tom Dowd, the Atlantic 
studio engineer, who had lovingly put it all together for the original 
Another example of LP versus early CD?
I suspect that the Collectables CD reissue is from the Atlantic CD, so 
I've kept the LP.
Kind regards,
Bill (a nostalgic old fool).

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