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Hey Steve and list,

Actually, the Goldenrod is not a National Historic Landmark.  It is, however, 

listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Unfortunately, it is privately-owned, and even national historic designation does not prevent 
private owners from destroying their own property.  Is is merely a means of making 
sure that state or federally-funded projects (including demolition) have to take 
into account the historic significance of the property.  They can still destroy 
it, but might have to do "appropriate mitigation."  Like taking a few photos and writing a report.

People always complain about historic preservation laws "taking away their rights," but
in reality, the preservation laws are pretty much meaningless.  It's sad that people 
don't see buildings and structures such as the Goldenrod as part of their heritage, as things
that should be cared for and passed down intact to future generations.

Louis Armstrong's house, Storyville, and parts of the historic Treme neighborhoods all fell 
to urban renewal; but even with preservation laws, New Orleans is still losing its historic 
jazz-related sites.  Developers with big bucks can always buy their way around the laws.

In a more recent example, parts of the Queens neighborhood where Bix lived 
were designated as a historic district -- but not Bix's apartment building.  Wonder why not?


steve writes:
I thought the Goldenrod was a National Historic Landmark?  Not to get political 
(NO...do NOT go there!)  but it figures that the current government caretakers 
of our national treasures would allow this.  

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