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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jun 28 17:42:42 PDT 2007

> I use Rust's Jazz and Dance Band discographies regularly, along with 
> the Jepsen books for later recordings. 
> Does the The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz. 
> 1900-1950 list commercial recordings for each song? 
> Does the Larkin set list recordings for each song title?  
> I think you mentioned that the Lord set is arranged by song title, but 
> I'd be interested in the dance band and vocal recordings 
> (distinguished from records with simply a vocal chorus) for each song 
> as well.

Dear Mike,
Rust is a good start, as you know, but  you have to juggle between the 
tune index and page numbers.
Jepsen  (the old set I have) lacks an index.
The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz. 1900-1950 only 
provides 'Representative Recordings' for each year and is by no means 
Lord's excellent Jazz Discography is not specifically tune title 
oriented. It works much the same was as Rust, but by using the CD-ROM 
you can create a list showing a tune and who recorded it (with full 
discographal details). As mentioned earlier it is 'jazz' specific only 
and does not separate out vocal recordings.
Rust's American Dance Band Discography lacks a tune index, but the new 
edition (4 volumes I believe) will. This long-awaited edition is due 
out later this year. But they said that last year, and the year before. 
None of the above sources (or any others that I know of) distinguish 
between vocal recordings as such and vocal choruses within a 
By 'Larkin set' I assume you mean the Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular 
Music series compiled by Colin Larkin. I have never seen them.
I've just purchased Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954, but am 
still checking it out.
It is based on published 'Hit Parade' type 'Charts', so it seems that 
if a song didn't make the 'Top Ten'  (or 20 or 40) for a particular 
year, then it isn't listed. Nor does it show all recordings of a tune, 
only those by the artist(s) who took it to the top.
[For instance "Blue Skies" has only 9 band listings between 1927 and 
1946. Rust has 21 - up to 1942. Lord has over 460!]
What I wanted, but not included, are the composer credits for each tune.
Kind regards,

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