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Dear Mike,
Bill Haesler has answered your question with his usual knowledgeable, 
gracious, and friendly advice. Your best move may be to ask the reference 
librarian at a public or college/university library to show you the book 
Bill suggests, and also The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, and Pop 
Memories.The History of American Popular Music.1890-1954. These books should 
give you an idea of the enormity of your interest.
Best wishes.

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>> Hi All,
>>  I just joined this group and have been browsing the archives.  I'm very
>> impressed.
>> Does anyone out there know whether there's a discography in existence 
>> that
>> lists all the known recordings of all known popular songs (Tin Pan
>> Alley, show tunes, movie tunes, etc.) as well as jazz tunes, say, from
>> the 1890s - 1920s? What I'm envisioning would include all known jazz,
>> dance band and vocal recordings as well. It would be basically a song
>> list with the known recordings for each one included. Does such a
>> discography exist?
>>  Thanks!
>>  Mike Amato
>>  Bedford, PA
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