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Tue Jun 26 09:43:42 PDT 2007

Thanks Steve - man there are dozens of things there that are great on that 
blog.  I came across the following clip in one of the sections.  It reminds 
me of the story about two guys running from a bear.  He says he can't out 
run the bear but can outrun you.

There are a lot of guys out there that I have outrun.  You don't have to be 
the best but if you aren't you have to develop other skills.

snip from the blog:
Technical ability is only a fraction of the total talent package required to 
become a complete entertainer. The other requirements (in no particular 
order) are creativity, image, attitude, charisma, persistence and 
determination. You won't need all of these attributes to reach success at 
some level... I know of many performers without much technical ability who 
have carved out very successful careers for themselves with charisma, 
persistence and determination. Some of the world's most successful 
entertainers were initially told "don't quit your day job" only to rise to 
the top through creative avenues that overcame their technical flaws.

Here it is again

The advice to keep a bio short is really a good one. I would say even 
shorter than 500 words.   People just don't read if they don't have to these 
days.  Also writing in the third person.  I try to describe myself the same 
way that the writers did on the old record albums.  Read a few of them for 
tips on how to write a bio.

I'm sure everyone can learn something new that will help them promote their 
music from the list of articles on the Blog.
St. Louis
Old age and treachery can always overcome youth and skill.

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