[Dixielandjazz] Cedar Basin Jazz Festival was great this year!!

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It was a  lot of fun, if you ever have a chance to get up to 
Cedar Falls, Iowa in  the last week in June, definitely check out 
this festival. We got lucky  and dodged the heat this year; there 
was a nice cloud cover that kept it  nice was manageable.

It was a fun place to be with the exception that my  Mom, from Minn. told me 
it was going to be in the 90's and too bring cool  cloths. I froze all weekend 
long and the rain made it very hard on me to get  around the mud in the park 
so we only went down there one day for a short time.  We did see the bands at 
the Holiday Inn and had the breakfast with the Natural  Gas band of course. In 
all it was very nice and no one can change the weather. I  did feel sorry for 
all the workers when they canceled the concert in the park on  Friday night 
because of the rain but the Natural Gas then played a double  session at the 
Holiday Inn so that made up for it.
Jazz Hugs
Judie &  Fred

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