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Sun Jun 24 22:28:16 PDT 2007

Thanks for the info to pursue.  My interest in owning one was cured  quickly 
by a look at the pricing and the fact that I hate fiddling with  amps.  One 
external microphone and one small amp is it for me until I'm so  famous that a 
sound man travels with me (in my next lifetime).
At least I know what they are called now.  I've seen them in use live  
before, but did not know they were their own unique instrument.  I just  assumed 
(yes, I know what assuming makes me) clever guitarists were  managing fine 
without guitar bodies--which by a big stretch and two hands I  still think of as the 
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tubaman at tubatoast.com writes:

I  happened to pick up a used one in Los Angeles about 15 years ago -   
it is a very interesting instrument. Some guitarist and electric  bass  
players have also developed "string tapping" styles of playing  with  
similar results.

There is a range of Chapman Sticks  still in production -
http://www.stick.com/ but I don't know how well they  might work in an  
OKOM band ;-)
(they have to be  amplified...)

Dave Richoux

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