[Dixielandjazz] Silly request : driver wanted . . .

Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Sun Jun 24 16:29:06 PDT 2007

This may be a strange request, but then again, most people think I am 

Sac à Pulses will be Stateside again this coming November.  Our big 
events are the Arizona Classic, the Clearwater Florida Festival and San 
Diego.  Yet, there are several mid-week gigs in the works.  For example, 
the 307 Club in Lafayette wants us back and they have offered to get us 
booked elsewhere.  The problem is that American gig pay as it is, I 
can't afford to fly everyone from city to city.  And, no one in the band 
wants to burn themselves out driving even just a couple of hours.

By my calculations, I can save a fair amount of dinero if I can keep us 
on the ground.  The problem is 'the driver.'   So, I dare ask, would 
anyone attending the Clearwater festival be willing to drive Sac à 
Pulses to Lafayette -- about 12 hours of driving.  We would not do this 
haul in one day.  I figure we'd stop in Tallahassee for the night.  
Then, my man in Lafayette thinks he can get us gigs in Pensacola, 
Mobile, NOLA and finishing at the 307 club in Lafayette.  We'd fly out 
the next day for San Diego.

Sac à Pulses will be sponsored again by Accor (Red Roof In & Motel 6 -- 
yes, these are French.)  So, I offer to the driver, hotel, food, entry 
to all our gigs, CDs, European dark chocolate and an airline ticket back 
to their starting point.  If said driver uses his/her own vehicle (must 
comfortable seat 5 musos, instruments and baggage plus the driver and 
his/her things), I will pay a fair per mile charge to Lafayette and back 
to their 'starting point.'

If you are interested and/or have ideas to shuttle us around on the 
cheap, please reply off list.

Merci, Gary

Gary Kiser
Clermont-Ferrand, France


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