[Dixielandjazz] More Becky Kilgore, Allan Vache, Russ Phillips/John Allred clips

Nancy Giffin NANCYink at surewest.net
Sat Jun 23 22:42:43 PDT 2007


For those who wanted to be alerted when I posted more BECKY KILGORE and
ALLAN VACHE clips from Jubilee 2007, here are the links.

REBECCA KILGORE with Migrant Jazz Workers
"Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby"
(solos by Allan Vache, Russ Phillips and John Allred)

ALLAN VACHE with John Cocuzzi and Steve Homan
"Stealin' Apples"

ALLAN VACHE with John Cocuzzi and Steve Homan

To the right of each clip is a text block that you can open to read details
and find various URLs to other sites.

SCANDAL (not!) -- And yes, Russ Phillips and John Allred are talking during
Allan's solo, but please, no more big fuss about that. Russ normally wins
the award for Best Active-Listener Musician, so let it go, okay? Please?
Just this once? Thanks! ;-)

Love and hugs,

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