[Dixielandjazz] Why Not?

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Sat Jun 23 10:27:58 PDT 2007

Saint Gabriel's just played a great show on a bill with The Legendary Sly & The Family Stone Original band who played at the legendary and Historical Woodstock Festival and sold out Madison Square Gardens 14 times, and are members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

They drew Young folks audience of 40 to 68 age range  ( These are also considered "KIDS" to most on this list.   We also had a young 23 year old American idol Finalist  Donnie Williams and his band open the show with a set for the 18 - 30 age group with their modern R&B songs.

We came in with the Second Line show strolling thru the audience to the stage and brought  them to their feet "Again"  We proved to be an excellent act to set the excitement level and dance mood for the Family Stone audience who came to "DANCE to the MUSIC"  we had almost everyone in the 1271 capacity room dancing all thru our set.

We gave them Funky danceable New Orleans tunes and classic hit songs rather than a diet of Standard Dixieland tunes, which would no doubt turnoff some on this fine list, but then again NONE of you were ticket buyers and attended.

If you want to branch out and play to younger and different audiences ( and I realize that not all of you do )  then you have to concentrate on just playing GOOD MUSIC, and hopefully danceable music to impress and attract new fans and followers to introduce this music too.

I find it is readily accepted by younger audiences if it is fed to them in between other music that they are familiar with, and if it is played at an energy level and enthusiastically to bring them into it and command their attention while hearing something different for them.   Heck some of them even think we are playing "ORIGINAL SONGS"  just because they have never heard them before.   Traditional jazz indeed missed several big generations but they are out there still waiting to be turned on to the music.  Go Get em. :))

Our show repertoire consisted of:  Iko Iko,  Chameleon, Little Liza Jane,  Grazzin in the Grass, Watermelon Man, Bill Bailey,  Mercy Mercy Mercy, Saints, Second Line, I feel Good, Night Train, Mack the Knife, Caravan, Summertime,  and St Thomas,

Nope it is not all Dixieland folks, but it is OKOM  it was acoustic, totally improvisational,  high energy, and danceable and obviously the KOM for the audience in attendance, and the generations represented enjoyed it.

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