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Speaking of Venuti saying "shithead" on a recording:  It probably slipped by
the sensors because the fidelity in the 20s was not that good.

When my daughter was about 12 or 13 in about 1981 or so, she did several
recordings for Disney.  The music was recorded in
Nashville and then shipped to Los Angeles to have the Disney voices added.

This particular recording was released as "Yankee Doodle Mickey."  As I
remember, she sang 3 songs on the album, "God Bless America," "The Star
Banner" and one other which I cannot remember.

There was a children's choir was added plus the voices of Mickey Mouse,
Pluto, Donald Duck, etc.

While in the control room, one of the engineers pointed out to me, and
played the single track of one of the background singers in the song "Battle
of New Orleans" which had been also recorded in Nashville.  At the point
where the singer pauses just before saying "hell" and usually says "well,"
he actually does say "hell."  I heard it as plain as day.

The song was released on LP with that cut.  Obviously Disney never realized

When the album was released on CD, that song was not included.  I don't know 
if someone from Disney finally wised up to the fact that the
word "hell" was on the recording, or if the subject matter about soldiers
getting killed was thought to not be PC.

The CD is still available at the Disney theme parks and on the internet.

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