[Dixielandjazz] Pre need funeral music

Larry Walton Entertainment - St. Louis larrys.bands at charter.net
Tue Jun 19 09:09:58 PDT 2007

I have played several Dixieland memorials over the years.  These were handled by the family or friends and I was hired by them or other bands.  I was wondering what do you do if there aren't any family or friends?

I'm pretty sure that a person who has made prior arrangements with a funeral home and can include the money for music in a pre need plan.  The pre need funerals are actually an insurance policy of sorts and are funds are put in escrow for the event.  Incidentally it's also a way a family can hide fairly large amounts of money from the state if the person is going on Medicaid.  Extra money that is not used is refunded to a designated party if it's not used by the funeral costs. It works because it's treated like an insurance policy and people are entitled to buy a funeral.

I would hope I last longer than that lady but who knows so I don't want to hold someone's money.  How do other bands handle this?   
St. Louis

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