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Larry Walton Entertainment - St. Louis larrys.bands at charter.net
Tue Jun 19 08:55:08 PDT 2007

A couple of months ago I sent out a mailing.  The 85 flyers that I sent was in color, both sides and I followed up with a post card.  the cost was not too bad and was covered by the first gig leader fee.

Yesterday I booked the 4th of July and NYEve after playing one of the gigs last week.  While trying to find the venue I went to the wrong place which was up the street.  There was road construction and all the signs were down and I stopped to ask if I had the right place.  It just so happened that I talked to the woman who books the entertainment and she was really positive about having us.  Additionally, at the gig that we played, I tentatively booked a pre need funeral with a woman who liked us and wants to throw a party for her friends.

It's true that the original mailing list took me three or four hours to put together, another couple to put together a flyer and an hour or so to assemble the mailer but it's been paying off.
St. Louis

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