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I read The Kingdom of Swing when I was in high school (sometime between
1964-68) but I don't remember much of it at all.  I remember it mentioned
the Hoagy Carmichael recording of "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" (but didn't
mention the supposed swearing by Joe Venuti which I still have yet to make
out) and then there was a section in which Goodman supposedly is talking
about how being on the road makes things kind of blend together.  The
sentence I partially remember was something like "Was it in (City A) or
(City B) that the trumpet section played those descending runs changing One
O'Clock Jump to Two O'Clock Jump."  That's it after about 40 years.

Hal Vickery

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> Very incidentally, Mr. Kolodin spelled his name Kolodin, not Kodolin.

Dear Bob,
We should also mention that Irving Kolodin 'helped' BG write his 
autobiography 'The Kingdom of Swing' (1939. Stackpole).
I have never owned nor seen a copy.
A summary I have (by Donald Kennington and Danny L Read) says in part:
"....does not reflect his musical importance. It was republished in 
paperback form in 1962 and gives some useful data on the 1930s, but was 
sharply critised by the English critic Benny Green in his essay on 
Goodman in 'The Reluctant Art'.  I have never owned nor seen a copy of 
this either.
Kind regards,

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