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  I think there's double-edged sword here.  On the one hand, most audiences, unfamiliar with the more sophisticated and lesser known OKOM tunes, would rather hear something familiar - that the even know the lyrics to.  "Saints" is the classic example.
  On the other hand, folks more "in-tune" with OKOM prefer to play and hear more sophisticated, lesser-known tunes.
  As Don points out and I would endorse. one approach to bridging the gap is to play other genres in trad style.  He suggested broadway tunes.  Another would be straight pop.  I recently heard a version on "Mona Lisa" by the Independence Hall Jazz Band that was absolutely terrific.
  Not sure about opera though.
  DWSI at aol.com wrote:
  To all the hard working bands out there, I'd love to hear your opinion about 
what I hope you won't call a dumb idea. It seems to me that OKOM's appeal 
could be broadened considerably by augmenting the list of songs played. Does 
anyone venture into the 60's through 90's guitar-based repertoire and do it in 
Dixie style, for example? When I played piano in a Dixie band we would 
occasionally do Broadway show tunes in Dixie style (even before Louie's Hello 
Dolly) and it worked. Am I stating the obvious that everyone does already or is 
there room for new experimentation here?

Dan (backup piano) Spink

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