[Dixielandjazz] Back to square one -- (sigh) BG Small Groups

Laurence Swain l.swain at comcast.net
Thu Jun 14 13:17:37 PDT 2007

Just got this note from Worlds:

    We were out of this Benny Goodman set when your order arrived and we have
    learned that RCA has deleted this title.  We apologize for the

    - Qty  Item   Label/Num   Artist          Title                   Price
    - 0   20789  RCA-68764  BENNY GOODMAN  / COMPLETE SMALL GROUP  $44.00 
    item is no longer available and was cancelled from the order.

    ----SOLD TO:----
    Laurence Swain 12 Mitchell Ave  Scituate MA 02066

    ----SHIP TO:----

    If you have any questions, please call us at 1-415-898-1609.

    Ren Brown

What now?

Larry Swain
Backup piano player of last resort, Boston area.

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