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Another way of getting at the answer is to check what the background music  
is for commercials aimed at kids of the age for whom you are selecting the  
Or: Create a game where you are playing a minute of a dozen  selections.  The 
child votes.  Small kids can do it with smiley faces  and frowns.  A bit 
older can do simple scale rankings; i.e., "like  it a lot, it's Ok, it's dumb".  
The reward can be their own recording  of music of the tunes/artists that they 
liked a lot.
Toddlers bodies will move to anything with a beat.  I watched an 11  month 
old last week-end.  She could only stand up by holding onto a  toy at her height 
where she was repeatedly punching a button to get 30  seconds of a catchy 
little tune zipping along at about 200 beats a minute.   The minute the music 
would start again so would her charming little body.   Finally she was 
anticipating the sound she had the "power" to make happen and,  in anticipation, she 
would start her dance before the music started.
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Our mate  Bill Haesler asked about what jazz tunes young kids might enjoy  as
background music to get them subliminally interested in Jazz.

Few  answered, probably because he asked for "educators" to respond. :-)  VBG.

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