[Dixielandjazz] Clarinet Tuning

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 12 14:18:52 PDT 2007

Larry - <larrys.bands at charter.net> wrote (polite snip)
> Just a note on my Selmer G10.  When I started playing the instrument I
> noticed that it was flat throughout the range.  I was a little surprised
> since I had the original barrel joint and it appeared to be way too long.  I
> tried several things and I remembered I had a Click Barrel that they had
> sent me to review when the thing first came out.  It worked shoved all the
> way in.  I eventually bought the better Click Barrel and used it for some
> time.  The instrument played really well and I had no significant intonation
> problems from the short barrel.

Hey Larry,

My Selmer 10G was also a little flat, especially in the upper register. What
I did was go to as Moening barrel 2 mm shorter than the Selmer Barrel that
came with the horn. Now the upper register is spot on, though the top notes
in the lower have become slightly sharp. So I lip them down a bit. (from D
upwards to Bb) I also think the Moening changed my sound and volume for the
better, though the classical clarinet mavens think a brand switch on the
barrel is akin to heresy.

Clarinets are funny beasts. I have yet to play a clarinet that is 100% in
tune with itself. And I always had a bit of trouble playing jazz on my 1952
Buffet. After Katrina, I sent it to Sue Loerchen, who presented it to Tom
Fisher. Saw him recently on YouTube and with what looked like my trusty
Buffet. He makes is sound a lot better than I ever could. :-) VBG


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