[Dixielandjazz] R.I.P. Nellie Lutcher

Stan Brager sbrager at socal.rr.com
Sat Jun 9 07:32:23 PDT 2007

A friend (Marv Augustus) sent a message simple message stating that
Nellie Lutcher passed away late yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, CA.
Nellie had been infrequent visitor to the Duke Ellington Society where I
first met her several years ago. She was a warm, delightful and vivacious
woman who was justly proud of her recordings and her life. For more
information about Nellie, see the following sources:



There is some disagreement about her birthyear with some sources claiming it
to have been 1915 instead of 1912. This has led to confusion about her age
when she played for Ma Rainey.

There is no confusion about the joy which her music has brought to so many.

Stan Brager

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