[Dixielandjazz] Old dances

Ivor Jones banjones at sapo.pt
Sun Jun 10 16:43:31 PDT 2007

Hi Dan and Sheik,

Excuse me intruding ,and I have no idea what the subject was except dance in 
the Bolden era. But I presume one of you might have Stearns book, Jazz Dance 
which is very informative, but maybe not what you wanted at all.



  Dan said

> Hi Sheik,
>                 List member Sue Loerchen from New Orleans is a specialist 
> in the revival of the social dances of Buddy Bolden's time. She may be a 
> useful contact. Glad you are getting something from the books. ( I assume 
> you included the "Birth of Jazz: Reviving the Music of the Bolden Era" in 
> your acquisitions.)
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