[Dixielandjazz] Joey Morant and "Tamas Blues"

Ron Wheeler ronald_wheeler at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 9 06:05:31 PDT 2007

What part of 'critique' don't you understand, Harold?  You're defending a
musician you 'don't know nor have ever heard' against a critic who you
'don't know either.  If you don't know who Tamas Itzes is, you need to spend
some time in the DJML archives or look up his web site.  In a nutshell,
Tamas knows of which he speaks.

If Tamas' criticism saves one member [or leader] from wasting his money on
bad music, that sounds like a winner to me.

>From sunny central Georgia,

Ron [if you ain't got nuthin' good to say 'bout nobody, come sit by me]

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Hi Listmates,

Was really shocked to read the critizue given by "Tamas Blues" of Joey
Morant on June 9th.

I don't know nor have ever heard Joey Morant play, but I do know that some
things are better left unsaid, especially when they are not nice.  What
"Tamas Blues" did was definitely a breach of good manners.  He blasted
Morant, criticized his playing and his musicianship and called him "awful"
Now, nobody says that someone has to love a musician's playing, but "Tamas
Blues" gave an opinion quite publicly that could deter and influence other
possible listeners, and could cost Morant some gainful employment.  That's a
pretty nasty thing to do.

Shame on "Tamas Blues".  I don't know him, either, but something tells me I
don't want to have him crtique my own playing.


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