[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Passed Up?

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Fri Jun 8 00:12:20 PDT 2007

 Tim Eldred wrote:

> My wife and I did not attend the Jubilee this year - it was the very first 
> one that we did not go.  Our reasons were many - my wife has some mobility 
> problems, and we cannot move around too much.  The reduction of sites in 
> Old Sacramento (our preferred location) and the change in the mix of the 
> bands were two of the factors in our consideration of whether we could 
> afford to attend.

Tim, so sorry you had to miss the Jubilee this year.  It was one of the 
best.  Seemed like old times what without that long shuttle ride to Cal EXPO 
and those hotels out there.

The weather was perfect!  Got a little cool in the evening but that meant 
that it was perfect during the day.

And, there were so many good bands there.  I have not counted the Trad bands 
but someone said there were 22 or 23.  Seems to me that 23 is plenty.

And there were two locations for Ragtime players.

While Old Sac is the prefered area for many people, if someone is having 
mobility problems, the Convention Center would be better.  Or, rent a 

Anyway, I hope you and your wife are back next year.



 > (I recognize that site location in Old Sac is often not within the 
Jubilee's control...)  It was a very difficult decision since we have 
planned our Memorial Day weekends around the Jubilee.
> I applaud the new leadership and the DJML members who have contributed so 
> much to changing the direction in which the Jubilee is headed.  Everyone 
> has their preferences and biases, but the most important point is to make 
> the Jubilee financially sound and to introduce a varied (and younger) 
> audience to the marvelous music offered.
> I hope that we will be back in future years.
> The opinions expressed in the letter which began this thread are, in my 
> humble opinion, crap.
> Offered for whatever my thoughts are worth...
> Tim Eldred
> Roseville, CA
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