[Dixielandjazz] The original Yerba Buena sound.

Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon mjl at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 6 23:13:25 PDT 2007

Several have mentioned how none of the Watters imitators have ever matched
the quintessential YBJB sound, which is definitely true.  Many, well, most
have heard at least some of the commercial YBJB recordings, and even fewer,
no doubt, have heard the lesser-known CDs containing unissued recordings of
both the Dawn Club and Hambone's era.  But, in light of the recent
discussion, though officially "done" by now, I'd like to send anyone with a
fast-enough internet connection a remastering of an "un-issuable"
pre-Hambone's recording of "Dippermouth Blues".  It's un-issuable, because
of the rough start and the few skips that occur during the earlier part.
But the WILDNESS of it.  A YBJB expert who heard it a while back said "Now
THAT'S how it's supposed to be done!"  It simply must be heard to be
appreciated.  And it ends with a beautiful and characteristic Tom Paxton
sign-off, the only sorrow of which is that the band clearly continues on
long after the recording concludes!


All those interested, please send me a private email indicating desire.

BUTT, please remember it's a large file, and hopefully you have

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