[Dixielandjazz] Three mre for the tuba list

Chris Stind compmark1 at msn.com
Tue Jun 5 09:05:06 PDT 2007

Hi Don:

I ran across the comments you made about my tuba playing awhile back, and I'm very grateful for your praise. I wish there was more work around, like everyone else. We moved up to Wisconsin a few years ago, and I have been doing some cornet playing with a band in Fond Du Lac, with some excellent musicians.

The first time I saw you, was around 40 years ago at Jazz Limited. Either 1966 or 67. You, Phelps, Quinn Wilson, Reinhart, etc. Bill let me into the club underaged ! Let me know if you get this. I hope to see you. soon.


Chris Stind
Appleton, WI

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