[Dixielandjazz] Barbone BS, cont'd

Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon mjl at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jun 3 21:09:23 PDT 2007

>>>Aw c'mon, Steve; do you really think that  a  Smiley Face and a VBG in an
e-mail unshoots the gun?  I  don't think so.  It's right in tune with saying
something  really offensive  and  then saying "Just kidding."   Childish.

If it needs a Smiley Face and a VBG to take  the sting out, maybe it shoulda
been skipped in the first place,  ne'?

Ben Fowlkes, old fogy in  Sacramento<<<

YES, Mr Fowlkes, the sting IS thus withdrawn.  There isn't anyone in a
public forum who should be surprised to read unpleasant posts.  And there
isn't anyone in a public forum who should be offended thereby.  ESPECIALLY
if the "offending" poster has "VBG"'d and "smiley"'d themselves
appropriately.  Does it make what they said any more palatable?  Of course
not.  But does it show a measure of good will?  Of course it does.

I have opinions that probably most of DJML might find offensive.  My only
saving grace is that I don't voice them.  BUTT, if I did, I'd VBG and smiley
myself to death, and you'd all better well accept them for what they're
worth, I'll betcha.

Now here's hoping you'll still shake my hand at Fresno!  VBG <smiley> <etc>,

Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon, Vicar-general
North American Old Roman Catholic Church (Utrecht Succession)
Archdiocese of California

"Simplicity, when it is not a careless gift of the Muse, is the last and
most painful achievement of conscientious self-denial." - James Russell

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