[Dixielandjazz] Barbone BS, cont'd

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A rather long harangue ending with:

>  "Perhaps the" gentleman "doth protest too much"

Yes, Bob, perhaps  you did.

Did you miss the Smiley Face and Very Big  Grin?

Aw c'mon, Steve; do you really think that  a  Smiley Face and a VBG in an 
e-mail unshoots the gun?  I  don't think so.  It's right in tune with saying 
something  really offensive  and  then saying "Just kidding."   Childish. 
If it needs a Smiley Face and a VBG to take  the sting out, maybe it shoulda 
been skipped in the first place,  ne'? 
Ben Fowlkes, old fogy in  Sacramento

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