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There's also the late Chuck Anderson who put together the "Anderson 
Collection," a massive "fakebook" of over 9000 tunes plus another huge 
collection of full band arrangements. He passed away about 10 years ago (?) 
and lived in or near San Diego. Jim Jones, the tenor banjo player from S. 
California now handles the sales of the collection for Chuck's widow.

Scott Anthony

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> Ken;
> I searched Tom Lord's Discography and found a bass-playing Chuck Anderson
> with Bob Hirsch and His Jazz All-Stars recorded live in Winona, Minn in
> 1977. The name of the album was "A Jazz Picnic". Could this be your wife's
> uncle?
> The cuts were:
> Someday You'll Be Sorry
> Rockin' Chair
> Undecided
> Tin Roof Blues
> You Took Advantage Of Me
> I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me.
> In the band, were:
> Tom Saunders (tp), Sid Dawson (tb), Chuck Hedges (cl),  Bob Hirsch (p),
> Chuck Anderson (b), and Steve Thede (dr).
> The catalog number of the album was Mediawerks Rec MW070677-A/B.
> The was another Chuck Anderson listed who played trombone and guitar. Lord
> also listed several Charles Andersons - none of these played bass.
> I hope this helps.
> Stan
> Stan Brager
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>> My wife's uncle, Charles (Chuck) Anderson was a bass
>> player.  He came to California in the late 1920's and
>> played in Monterey (I believe at the Del Monte Resort)
>> and San Francisco.  He told me one time he knew and
>> played with both Turk Murphy and Lu Watter.  I would
>> love to find a recording or some literature that
>> mentions him but have been unsuccessful.  Any
>> suggestions out there?  Thanks for your help.
>> Ken Newell
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