[Dixielandjazz] La Fete De La Musique - The French version

confit at isp.com confit at isp.com
Sat Jun 2 02:50:25 PDT 2007

Since there has been a lot of back and forth about this, I thought it
would be informative to post some information about the original event,
which happens in France (and, according to the website, throughout Europe)
every year. http://fetedelamusique.culture.fr/87_English.html

In Paris the event goes on all over the city and is free. I asked a French
musician his opinion and his response was "it's mostly for amateur

I am not, however, condoning the French Embassy in Washington's concept of
charging admission and not paying the musicians...this info is just posted
as FYI.

Chris Buch

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