[Dixielandjazz] Trombone Rag or I Am Pecan Pete

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Our Michigan Nighthawks are fond of Turk's "Brother Lowdown" and play it 
often in our sets.
We do not in any way play it ala Turk, but more in a Chicago jazz manner.
But the tune works many ways, and am surprised more bands do not play it.
Don Ingle

Bob Romans wrote:
> Trombone Rag is actually a very simple trombone piece. In 3 of my 
> youth bands, the trombone players memorized it and stood in front of 
> the band performing it...
> The Riverboat Rascals
> The Hot "N" Tots
> The Alley Cats
> Now, "I Am Pecan Pete" is a different story! That's a Turk original 
> too. The late great Bill  Hannaford played it on one of our 
> recordings, and Pat Yankee heard Bill Hannaford play it live at The 
> Dawn Club...about 1995...she said Turk never played it as well as 
> Hannaford...(he passed away in 1998 from bone cancer)
> How many of you t-bone players know that piece?
> Warm regards,
> Bob Romans,
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> Lodi, Calif. 95242
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> Fr Mike Logsdon wrote (regarding "Trombone Rag"):
>> I bought the Turk Murphy favorites Vols 1 & 2. I really like how he 
>> plays
>> "Trombone Rag."
> If it hasn't already been mentioned I should add that Turk probably 
> plays it
> well because he's the one who wrote it.
> Jim Maihack (who played with Turk's band for a few years) reports that 
> Turk
> got tired of having his recorded trombone solos ripped off by other 
> aspiring
> trombone players so he decided to write something that was a bit more
> difficult and would not be so casually copied "note for note."
> The story may be apochryphal but that's pretty much the way I heard it.
> Respectfully submitted,
> Bill "Boondocker" Gunter
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