[Dixielandjazz] POGO in Ought Eight (was I Go POGO too)

Don Ingle dingle at nomadinter.net
Wed Jan 31 12:30:20 PST 2007

Pogo for President would be a wise choice. After all, any native 
marsupial that states "We has met the enemy and they is us," would have 
my vote for introsprctive wisdom.
He could get some corporate bribe money from "Old Pouch" tobacco, and  
he could do much for our energy diviesity efforts for being the 
spokesman for turning garbage into fuel. He has eaten enough of it in 
his time to prove that it fueled all his energy needs.
Pogo's creator Walt Kelly began as a Disney artist before going on his 
own as a cartoon strip creator, and he was an associate of Ward Kimball 
and others who were in the Great Mouse animation business as well as the 
trad jazz business via the Firehouse 5 Plus 2. Some of ti had to rub 
off. Yes, a certainty of a jazz connect there.
I note that several other cartoon strips use jazz references and name 
drop jazz people time to time. The Family Circle by Bill Kean is one 
such. My favorite cat, Garfield, has made great sport running gags of 
accordians, drums, and other musical gag bits.
But Pogo remains unique as our only native marsupial mirth maker just 
because he always made too much sense of the folly of politics and the 
phony messiahs we vote to lead us...like lemmings...over the edge into 
free fall folly.
Yes -- Pogo for President. Can dozens of swamp creatures be wrong? Not 
any more than 500 legislators can be. Vote today, keep a Homo sapian away!

charles coleman wrote:
> Hi Listees,
> David Dustin wrote..."Hmmm.  Pogo + OKOM... Can this be coincidental?  I think it?s all about
> words, rhythms, sounds.  Besides being a staller draftsman, Walt Kelly was a
> musician of dialog. He wielded and warped words the way a jazz musician
> bends notes and inflects a phrase.  Everything felt ?homey? and natural."
> Agree, whole heartedly.    Now howabout a groundswell of support for the nomination of Mr. Pogo Possum as our next president.     Nowhere in the constitution does it say that the president has to be a human bean!  Our slogan "We Could Do Worse", or how about "From here on down, it's uphill all the way"     In the immoral words of the former candidate:  "If elected, I will not run.   If nominated, I will not serve."  
> Jazz content:   "I'm Just Wild About Harry"  ... Oops, wrong candidate.  8>))
>     Regards,    Charlie (Am I kidding or not?) Coleman
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